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IoT Trends What is 5G? Part 1 – Evolution and the Next Generation Scott Nelson, Chief Product Officer and VP of Product
August 13, 2019
Welcome to our conversation series on 5G. In this post, Scott Nelson, Digi VP of Product, again interviews Harald Remmert,...
IoT Trends Partnering with AT&T and FirstNet on Extended Primary Communications Jayna Locke, Senior Marketing Manager
August 8, 2019
Digi International recently announced the release of the FirstNet Ready™ Digi® WR54 router for mission-critical cellular communications. Designed to meet...
IoT Trends Digi XBee Tools: Develop, Build, Deploy and Manage Wireless Applications Andrew Reiter, Product Manager
July 31, 2019
Introducing Digi XBee Tools for Fast Prototyping, Development and Deployment Planning an IoT project is an exciting adventure. But it’s...
IoT Trends Digi’s 28th Annual Wormburner Event Highlights: Fun and Fundraising Jayna Locke, Senior Marketing Manager
July 22, 2019
Each year, Digi International offers its employees the opportunity to get out on the golf course and enjoy an afternoon...
IoT Trends Introducing Digi Connect IT for Remote Serial Device Administration Ben Tucker, Senior Product Manager – Infrastructure Management
July 17, 2019
Information Technology (IT) infrastructure needs to be configured, managed, and monitored. IT assets are everywhere. They are deployed in office...
IoT Trends Wireless Communication Range Testing with Digi XCTU Rob Faludi
July 10, 2019
Welcome to our series on the Digi XCTU® tool for configuring and testing Digi XBee® devices. Here are the previous...
Technical Insights Geo IoT: Quickly and Easily Add GPS Location Services to Your IoT Application Andrew Reiter, Product Manager
July 3, 2019
GPS technology is now lean and mean. What used to take a giant piece of electronics can now be placed...
Technical Insights Digi Foundations: Supporting the IoT Application Lifecycle Mike Bleakmore, Product Marketing
June 27, 2019
IoT is complex enough, from the perspective of pulling all the pieces together to design, build and deploy a system,...
Technical Insights Android Pie Support For Digi ConnectCore 8X SBC PRO Development Kit Alex Gonzalez, Software Engineering Supervisor
June 21, 2019
The Digi ConnectCore 8X SBC Pro development kit, which supports early development on the upcoming Digi ConnectCore 8XSystem-On-Module. Now, the Digi ConnectCore 8X SBC Pro also supports Android Pie—tailored for embedded systems and well suited for high-end, graphical, and multimedia-intensive embedded products.
XBee Measure Digi XBee Network Throughput with Digi XCTU Rob Faludi
June 18, 2019
Welcome to our blog post series on the Digi XCTU® tool for configuring and testing Digi XBee® devices. Here are...
IoT Trends The 2019 Digi Global IoT Conference: Event Highlights Jayna Locke, Senior Marketing Manager
June 14, 2019
There are times when an event is just an event. And there are times when an event is an experience....
Applications A Failover Solution Should Have These Four Features Tom Butts, VP of Product Management - Infrastructure Management
June 1, 2019
Network outages can compromise the ability to transfer critical data, complete transactions, and keep connected devices secure. Avoid these network outages with primary or backup LTE connectivity by retrofitting your infrastructure for cellular network access.