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IoT Platform

Intuitive applications to build or retrofit
a better connected and more secure
IoT infrastructure

Digi Remote Manager® (DRM)

Comprehensive IoT device management application for more intelligent and secure deployments.


Digi XBee Configurator (XCTU)

Digi XCTU® allows you to set up, configure and manage multiple RF devices quickly and easily, all from a single platform.

Get up and running with XCTU

Intuitive Solutions for Connected Wireless Networks

Harness the power of cloud-based connectivity with intelligent applications to manage IoT complexity. Digi has the tools that give you the control you need, when and where you need it.

Digi IoT solutions make it easy to set up and deploy connected devices, access reliable data in real time, and protect your network against malicious attacks with built-in security measures.

Digi Foundations™ integrates IoT communications hardware, industry-leading applications, 24x7 technical support and warranty protection for a more accessible and straightforward IoT management solution.

Everything you need for faster IoT deployments and easier IoT management.

Free Configuration Tools

Set up and deploy multiple Digi XBee modules quickly and efficiently with developer tools, a user-friendly interface and API integrations.

Real-Time Monitoring

Keep your finger on the pulse of your network with sophisticated device management tools that allow you to view, diagnose and update devices from anywhere.

Bulletproof Security

Protect your investment with a built-in security framework and cloud-based monitoring tools that easily integrate with any platform.

Edge-Compute Ready

Access and analyze data collected from Digi edge devices to improve business processes, react to changing needs and accelerate decision making.
Deploy an IoT Infrastructure That’s Ready for What’s Next

Protect Your Devices and Your Data

Digi TrustFence Security

Your most critical applications demand reliable security to prevent malicious attacks and keep your network protected at all times. Digi TrustFence® is a comprehensive security framework that simplifies the process of securing your connected devices.


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