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Short range wireless connectivity devices for managing multipoint networks.
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Digi XBee Mobile SDK
Create mobile applications that connect with Digi XBee modules via Bluetooth

Digi XBee Mobile SDK includes:

  • Well-documented APIs to handle the complexity of the Bluetooth authentication, encryption and communication processes
  • Two libraries to simplify mobile app development:
    • A Digi XBee library for Xamarin, to develop native cross-platform (iOS and Android) mobile applications using C#
    • A Digi XBee library for Android, to develop native Android applications using Java
  • Comprehensive documentation
  • Example applications for both libraries
Digi XBee-Pro® Zigbee Adapters
Zigbee Adapters for Serial and USB Devices
  • Supports the Zigbee PRO feature set
  • Zigbee® wireless connectivity for RS-485 and USB devices
  • Compatible with XBee gateways and modules
  • Outdoor RF line-of-sight range up to 1 mile with XBee-PRO®
Digi XBee 3 USB Adapter
The Digi XBee 3 USB Adapter provides local connectivity to wireless Digi XBee networks from a laptop or PC, enabling local commissioning of the network and its devices
  • Programmable to communicate with any of Digi's supported wireless protocols
  • Provides connectivity to local Digi XBee networks from a laptop/PC
  • Enables fast local commissioning of devices on the local network
  • USB powered
  • LEDs for UART traffic and network association
XStick® USB Adapters
USB to XBee Wireless Adapter
  • USB plug-and-play USB to XBee Network Adapter
  • Available in Zigbee mesh (ZB) & multipoint (802.15.4) variants
  • Configure and commission XBee networks easily from your laptop or PC

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