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LTE-M and AT&T IoT Data Plan = no SMS Text ability

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I purchased a DIGI LTE-M module and subscribed to a AT&T data plan. I can connect and get a reply from the echo server. I can not send SMS text messages. AT&T says their IoT data plan does not support SMS Text messages. I get an error message. Anyone else had this experience? All I want to do is be able to send a SMS Text from my device to a cell phone. Would a DIGI LTE device work with an AT&T LTE North America data plan work? I would be curious if anyone has gotten the SMS example code to work with a LTE-M module with any service plan. Any help would be appreciated.
asked Oct 2 in XBee Cellular by WesleyB New to the Community (4 points)
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I have a normal AT&T LTE-M data plan and I am able to send a text no problem using the documented MicroPython, API Mode, and Transparent mode methods. It sounds like you will need a different data plan to meet your requirements.
answered Oct 29 by DigiFan23 Seasoned Professional (205 points)