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Digi WR21 port forward (PPTP <-> LAN)

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I have a few WR21 units connecting to the internet using 4G/LTE and a VPN Server each connects to so I can manage them easily from a single point.

Once WR21 connects to the VPN Server (PPTP) I can make a Port Forward (809X -> 80 or 443) to access the management web portal of the WR21.

<PUBLIC IP>:8091 <---> WR21 <PPTP IP>:443

Everything works, but I also need to access a LAN device attached to the WR21 (e.g. web camera).

How should I configure the unit so I can receive the RTSP traffic from LAN to Internet, using PPTP?

WAN IP : 10.x.x.x
LAN : defaults (

Using the info I found on Port Forwarding didn't help. Any tips so I can achieve :

<PUBLIC IP>:8554 <-> <PPTP IP>:554 <-> <LAN IP>:554

Thank you.

asked Oct 21 in Digi TransPort Cellular by mvrx New to the Community (0 points)

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