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Digi WR21 OpenVPN client on a Mikrotik OpenVPN Server

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Has anyone successfully configured a Digi WR to connect to a Mikrotik OpenVPN Server?

I was given the files :
auth (containing username / password)

On the same OVPN server I am connecting 4 clients (Raspberry Pi) each connected on the LAN side of the Digi WR and it works.

I followed the steps from the "AN_47_Digi_TransPort_OpenVPN_client" but I am unable to get it connect. Event log contains :

12:31:53, 22 Oct 2019,OVPN 0 down
12:31:53, 22 Oct 2019,GP socket connected: -> ovpn_server_ip:443
12:31:53, 22 Oct 2019,TCP Req: -> ovpn_server_ip:443

AFAIK, Mikrotik OpenVPN does not support :

connection without username/password


asked Oct 23 in Digi TransPort Cellular by mvrx New to the Community (0 points)

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